Birth Art Cafe Workshops

                                                    What is Birth Art Cafe

Birth art cafe is a place where pregnant and new mums came come and relax for 2 hours to paint draw or sculpt in a relaxing atmosphere with soothing background music, a safe space to discuss and express any fears or concerns in a non judgemental enviroment.

The aim of these workshops are help the mother connect with her unborn child and adjust to her changing shape and to prepare for her journey that will take her from maiden to mother.

Pregnancy is a time of great change emotionally and physically, and in todays practice with so much more medical intervention it can leave women feeling vulnerable and not in control of their pregnancy and birth.

We live in a left brain society of logic, our thinking, careers, and being in control with the belief that women can manage everything that is thrown at them, pregnancy can leave women feeling isolated anxious and lonely.

At the Birth art cafe we help you to discover your inner creativity through art, to express your inner feelings and emotions on a blank canvas, you do not need any experience of art at all. "the artist is in you." 

                               About the founder of Birth art cafe

Tamara Donn is the founder of the Birth art cafe and is a childbirth  educator and doula whose classes are based on "birthing from within", a childbirth education very popular in the US thay was created by midwife Pam England. Tamara also runs other classes including preconception preparation, early pregnancy workshops and exploring birth fears, Tamara also runs antenatal workshops.

       Tamara quotes :  My desire is to re-awaken women's inner wisdom within all mothers [to be] and to empower them to truly trust themselves, listen to their hearts and to honour the journey through the rite of passage into motherhood however it unfolds . for more info. A truly inspiring woman.

 The teachings are based on pam england who is a midwife and birth educator. Pams best selling book "Birthing from within" is a fantastic manual for all expecting parents to enjoy !!

   the Art teachings are based on michele cassou a well known artist who teaches creative art as a therapy of discovery and creativity. Micheles book "point zero" is a wonderful book that helps you to find the artist in you.                                               





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