Pregnancy Massage



                              Pampering for mums to be and after childbirth  

 An adapted treatment for pregnant women, and problems that are commonly associated with pregnancy.

This treatment is carried out with you lying on a hydrotherapy water bed supported with air filled cushions, the water is set at a temperature to help the ayurvedic oil glide over the body. The whole treatment is carried out lying on your back.

 A relaxing routine that helps to ease aches and pains that are common in pregnancy. Treatment includes a theraputic facial massage, back massage, leg massage and foot massage.

This treatment helps to alleviate tired and aching legs, swollen ankles and aids lymphatic drainage, it also helps to strengthen the immune system, helps to alleviate headaches, constipation, and provides sensory stimulation for the baby.

This treatment will leave you feeling truely pampered and relaxed. *




 NB :  please note that it is advisable that you speak to your GP or midwife before booking a treatment to rule out any health concerns that may contraindicate any treatments.



hydrotherm massage therapy available in january 2012 



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